The One and Only Way to Entrecard  

Every so often the Entreboat starts to rock as community members debate this, that, and oh yeah, the other thing. Headline aside, there is no one way to use Entrecard. Powerdroppers, chaindroppers, reciprodroppers, nondroppers, namedroppers (one of my blogs was once ranked higher on the Popular page than John Chow's) are just some of the card dropping folks that make up the community.

So what's the big deal?

Blame Graham and Phirate. Dang it...why do they have to be so accessible and open to input about how the Entrecard experience should evolve? And since they asked...

The very nature of many of those who choose to blog--people who feel they have something to express that someone else might care about--creates a situation where Entrecarders are expressing away about what they think would be the best way to run Entrecard. So far I've found Graham and Phirate to be pretty sharp dudes who have done a great job planning and growing Entrecard. They've had to scramble when unexpected problems arose and for the most part have a done a really good job of handling the grow-on-the-go challenges.

Which just makes all the bickering about the "best" way to Entrecard seem that much more petty. 4000+ accounts representing dozens of nations from around the globe and somehow we're all supposed to agreed on what's "best"?

Not going to happen.

That's why companies have CEOs, classes and countries have presidents, and in most cases there is someone designated to accept that the buck stops with them. Feel strongly about a particular issue? Express yourself. Lobby to get things to go your way. And ask yourself just how did you manage to survive 4 months ago or 4 weeks ago or even 4 days ago when you didn't have an Entrecard account?

Entrecard is a tool. For some it is a tool to build readership for readership's sake. For others it is a tool to build readership to eventually make more money from their blog. For me it is a way to make money...today. With 20+ blogs I'm certainly not going for the quality over quantity approach. The bottom line for me is that Entrecredits = cash, and the more ECs I can garner, the more cash I can get. If and when I can't convert ECs to cash anymore at a favorable rate I will likely climb up on the elephant and head on to greener pastures.

So everyone please stop bickering and start advertising more! Hold more contests with bigger prizes, like 10000-50000 ECs. And drop until you drop.

What next?

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