Saphrym's Largesse  

Saphrym is holding a contest with a $250 Grand Prize and I've Entered it! Contest Guidelines state:

1. Pick a post (besides this one) from Saphrym.com and blog about it. The post can be positive, neutral, or even negative if you just don’t like me.
2. Include this link:
(Copy and paste that code into your html code for your post exactly as is. The link should look like this: Saphrym)
3. Include a link to the actual post you are blogging about.
4. Include a link to this contest post.
5. Comment below and leave a link to your post making sure to provide a valid e-mail address.

The post on Saphrym's site that I have chosen to blog about is My Turn For Thoughts. At first I found it odd that Saphrym would expose himself in such a personal post about God, Organized Religion, Evolution, Abortion, Flag Burning, Capitol Punishment, and Gun Control. That was likely a result of reading the post via email, right after 10+ posts on how to make money online. Saphrym has already shown his willingness to get personal with his posts about weight loss and other areas of life that many of us would choose to shield from the prying eyes of others. The fact that he stood atop the Entrecard Popular page for weeks shouldn't override his option to write about what he feels strongly about. Saphyrm isn't a spokesperson for Entrecard and I fully support his approach to stating it the way he feels it, even if I don't agree 100% with what he has to say. Kudos to you Saphrym for being honest to yourself.

What next?

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