Ad Prices are Going Up!  

When I first cooked up the idea for the Biz Beacon Advertising Co-op I knew that it would be a more difficult sale if my 20 blogs had an average ad cost of 100 ECs. I had purposely risked the ire of fellow Entrecarders by rejecting ad requests left and right and proceeded to not drop many cards for 5 days. At that time one could have advertised on my 20 sites via the system for about 600 ECs total. I had one paying customer and one who stiffed me. (Now I require payment up front.) Today, the system charges 2013 ECs to advertise on my sites and most of them have a line of approved ads to run. While I'm not going to try and sell my 20 widgets space for concurrent placement, I figure that I will throw it out there to the occasional reader (versus dropper, who didn't make it this far down the page) who might be interested in advertising on my sites:

Make me an offer!

The system gives us 25% of the ad cost, so if all my blogs' widgets are purchased I get just over 500 ECs a day right now. That's about $100 a month at wholesale prices and $150 a month at retail prices for ECs. That's good...but it could be better. The more cards I drop, the higher my ad prices, the more ECs I get, the more money I make. PLUS...I'm not advertising on hardly any sites right now and those ECs from ads on my sites and from card dropping are starting to build up. In theory, with 20 Entrecard accounts that each dropped the 300 daily max and got a 66% return drop rate, that's 10000 ECs a day...in addition to my ad revenue. Well, I'm not dropping 300 cards a day, mostly because I don't have the time, but also because my ad prices would go through the roof. It keeps me busy dropping 100 cards a day (on average) per account and that helps keep my ad prices more reasonable. And if any of you are thinking of advertising on my sites, just remember that ALL the traffic I get is Entrecard driven.

Here's an offer in case you couldn't think of one:

As my sites' ad prices go up I will consider accepting and then rejecting your ad after a 23 hour run. You have to go through the normal process of advertising on my site(s) and then send me 2/3 of the ad price you paid via the Entrecard "Give credits to this site" system, followed up by a message letting me know what you did. (For example, if the system price is 100 ECs, you'll send me 66 ECs separately.) I'll run your ad and when it is about to expire I'll reject it and you will get the system price back. You end up with a 33.3% discount (actually it is less than 1/3 because its run was only 23 hours instead of 24, but you get the idea) and I end up with more ECs. And Graham has already okayed this approach!

I should note that I'm not going to be getting up at 2AM to reject your ad so we'll have to make sure that your ad run starts and ends at a time that I can reject it at the right time. IF I fail to do so and you don't get a system refund, I will refund the entire system price that you paid.

Don't like my offer? Fine...make me an offer that suits you and maybe I'll accept it.

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