Thanks Graham!  

I initially called this blog The Entrecarder in an attempt to distinguish it from some of my other blogs and it was appropriate in that I was spending most of my time on Entrecard and found myself writing primarily about Entrecard. In a recent blog post Graham (The EntreFounder) mused about the community that has arisen to sell jeans and pick axes to the miners working their claims via Entrecard. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? My vote should be obvious. What I found to be more revealing was that Graham was still considering Blog Catalog, MyBlogLog, and Blogrush to be competitors...when I think he already has them beaten 6 ways from Sunday. No, the race isn't over yet, but none of the other 3 did I find to be addictive nor did they capture my attention the way that Entrecard has. Graham has a winner and I'm enjoying participating in the subculture.

I enjoy blogging and yet I am not cut out to be a professional blogger, if what I read from my fellow Entrecarders in the way of advice is accurate. Instead, I'm having fun figuring out different ways to benefit from the Entrecard opportunity by exercising creativity and utilizing analysis and strategy. Along the way I am writing more than I have ever consistently written before because I need content...and for me that is a good thing. I've got 20 Entrecard accounts and my goal is to make each one useful and profitable. This community is still growing and there are thousands of future Entrecarders who won't even know that Cow had a cow here. All of those new people represent opportunity to make money if I have something of value that they desire. Every boomtown has niches for enterprising folks and it's quite clear that Entrecard is booming!

So, thanks Graham and all of you miners that are digging for gold and whose efforts are making Entrecard an exciting place to spend the day. I'll try and do my part and provide services that help folks be more successful at what they do, and in so doing experience some success and satisfaction of my own.

What next?

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