Partial Day Ad Blasts  

While the plan of the Biz Beacon Advertising Co-op is to provide the opportunity to better control your ad campaign, there will be some times (like now) where I can run your ads for a few hours at a time and then reject them, resulting in your receiving a refund through the Entrecard system. For example, if you have a contest that is just about to end or some other time-sensitive event that you want to get the word out on, I might be able to help you out. It would still work better if you scheduled your ad campaign in advance so that I could make sure that I drop my cards for the day before its scheduled run on all 20 sites.

As a backup plan for someone who is trying to get the word out in a hurry, of course there is the Entrecard Promotions Forum, but there is also Project Wonderful to consider. Search for Entrecard accounts and place high enough bids to get your ad to run for a bit and then cancel your bid. Pretty inexpensive way to get some targeted impressions quickly.

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