Entrecard Noobies, By the Numbers  

It's not like I don't always have something else I should be doing for my Entrecard accounts. Over the course of a week I might make 30 or more posts and rarely are they regurgitations of someone else's post. Yet, every once in a while I like to cruise through the Recent category to see the noobies and what they are bringing to the Entrecard community. As I don't seem to do this often enough to see all the new accounts while they are still on the Recent page, I have found it useful and informative to spend some time checking out the last 100-200 accounts that have signed up. To do this I usually just enter in their profile ID in numeric order. For example, this blog's id is "http://entrecard.com/t/oc/3582." (You can find the id by rolling your mouse over the Advertise area of a card in the Categories or by copying the link location from their profile page, among other places.

I'll usually paste the link location into the address bar and then go take a look at the noobie's site. Then I'll paste it again and change the last digit(s) to see the next id in sequence. I drop cards along the way and bookmark the sites that I find to be most interesting, which recently resulted in a post on my 11 blogs site. Sure, it's a chore to go through 200 new sites at a sitting, but I don't want to lose track of the fact that the Entrecard community is growing and that each week there are hundreds of new members who haven't yet had the thrill of bumping into the Biz Beacon! Seriously, as I have many Entrecard related sites that could be of interest to newer Entrecard members, I want to try to stay on top of who's new.

I haven't been keeping stats, but I was surprised to find that a good number (1/3?) of newer accounts have abandoned their widget within just a few days of joining Entrecard. Sometimes the reason is obvious by the nature of the site and other times I think that they were either confused or overwhelmed by the process or were just checking out Entrecard based on the ambient buzz. It's what prompted me to list the 11 blogs that I did and I hope to continue to highlight newer members, especially those who have established blogs and might be debating whether or not this community is for them.

What next?

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