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As I was updating the info on the EntreBank blog this morning, I was about to link to an ebay listing where 5000 credits are being sold (and I am currently the high bidder), when I starting thinking about the posts I have seen about building a niche store on ebay. Turns out I was making an easy task more difficult than it needed to be. I had already signed up as an ebay affiliate through Commission Junction and I ended up just needing to choose my widget and the live auction(s) that I wanted to feature on it. (I must have missed something, as the widget is much larger than I anticipated it would be.) I went ahead and put it on the Entrebank site so that folks can easily see what is happening on the Entrecard credits auction. I don't expect to make any money by doing so, but it was another opportunity to get some experience with an affiliate program that I will likely use on other niche sites.

Comment posted by Ishaan
at 2/12/2008 1:28:00 PM
Hi, i have just started a competition on my blog!

It costs nothing to enter and the prizes are great! (free advertising/free 500 word review)

Please do have a look!


its easy to enter and the outcomes are great!


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