A Completely and Totally Unbiased First List of 11 Favorite Blogs  

Randomly chosen from the Entrecard community:

1) My Internet Marketing Adventures - A record of Kent Vorkink's journey as an Internet Marketer.

2) The Entrecarder - Biz Beacon's (Kent Vorkink) thoughts, tips and advice about all things Entrecard related.

3) I've Entered the Contest - Biz Beacon blog dedicated to contests, particularly those which he has entered himself. Updated regularly.

4) Affiliate Ads & Referral Programs - Biz Beacon's site to list affiliate ad programs and other referral programs. Not updated very often.

5) Reviewing for Money and Other Remuneration - Biz Beacon's site for blogging for Entrecredits, cash or other good stuff. Not updated very often.

6) The Blogger Community - The blogger communities that Biz Beacon belongs to. Not updated very often.

7) The EntreBank - Biz Beacon lends Entrecard Credits at favorable terms. Also contains list of other sites that buy and sell ECs. Updated weekly.

8) Intunique: The Art of Smart - Kent Vorkink's site that deals with multiple intelligence theory, creativity, personality and temperament, intelligence and IQ, etc. Updated weekly or thereabouts.

9) Go Go Goyin - Madame Goyin's (Kent Vorkink's mother) blog that Kent ghostwrites. Contains information and advice about network marketing, with an emphasis on Goyin. Updated weekly or thereabouts.

10) Ready Health Products - Another of Kent's mother's businesses. Natural nutritional supplements. Updated weekly or thereabouts.

11) The Backseat Driver - Tips and Advice about driving that Kent has taught to his children over the years. Updated weekly or thereabouts.

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