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Whether or not the value of an Entrecard credit is $.006, merely having a hard figure allows for some interesting insights into other advertising opportunities. It was part of my plan to use the Entrecard experience to go up the blogging and blogging for money learning curves and I'm now doing much the same with Project Wonderful.

My approach so far has been a bit different perhaps than the typical Entrecarder in that I have a product line--Ready Health Products--that I am pushing and that takes a higher priority than advertising my blogs. I want people to go to the Ready Health Products website and buy products. Advertising 101. The twist comes in when I merge my Entrecard activities with my Ready Health Products advertising.

The Entrecard ad costs (in credits) are not necessarily indicative of a site's traffic and resulting value for advertisers. However, when considering the "market value" of the Entrecard credits, and then by comparing that cost to another ad service--like Project Wonderful--it becomes clear that there are some great bargains out there. For example, as of the moment it costs 380 credits to advertise on ahkong.net for one day. At $.006 per credit, that's about $2.28. The current high bid for the same size space via Project Wonderful is 3 cents a day. Yes, the Entrecard ad usually has better placement and there are additional benefits from the Entrecard system...just not 72x as many!

I'm still just getting my feet wet with Project Wonderful and am being somewhat conservative with my bids. I'm going to place additional PW ads on my blogs and use that revenue to bid on placements for my Ready Health Products ads via PW. I expect that in the short run there will be plenty of bargains like Ahkong.net and eventually the prices via PW will go up or people will get bored and move on to other ad companies.

Last note: DTA at Ahkong.net only nets 1/4 of the ad cost (95 credits or 57 cents) from an Entrecard ad. How long will it be before his Project Wonderful ad revenue surpasses that?

What next?

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