Tech Freak Entrecard Contest: 3000 credits giveaway  

Tech Freak has a new outlook on contests as a result of a mean losing streak. He has structured his "Entrecard Contest : 3000 credits giveaway and everybody wins along with the top 3" so that even he could win something...along with you!

* 1st prize winner : Takes away 1000 credits
* 2nd prize winner : Takes 700 credits.
* 3rd prize winner : Takes 300 credits.

"You may ask, that's only 2000 credits where are others. So, the remaining 1000 credits will be distributed equally among the guys who participated in the contest, but didn't make it to top 3. Hence, Everybody Wins !!!"

Several ways to enter: Comment, Subscribe, Blog, Recommend, and putting an Ad on your site. (I'm doing all of the above.) The deadline to enter for the contest is Feb 29th 2008 midnight.

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