My Multiple Personality Entrecard Experience  

On my Intunique blog I'm usually talking about multiple intelligence and personality and not just multiple personality, but the way things are developing for me at Entrecard the latter phrase seems more appropriate. I've come to the conclusion that I won't likely have a single blog that looks like a professional blogger's blog. After all, blogging is just part of My Internet Marketing Adventures. Instead, I am finding enjoyment in the creation of multiple blogs and launching them via Entrecard. Over the weekend I started up a couple more:

11 Blogs - This is a site where I list blogs in groups of 11 and by categories that are not easily found on the Entrecard Campaign board. Most of the listed blogs are part of the Entrecard community, but I will venture outside if I can't fill up my list of 11 for the day. So far I have covered 11 Blogs about Contests for Bloggers, 11 Entrecard Blogs from Australia, and 11 of my own blogs.

The Backseat Driver - I won't post in this blog all that often, but as I have another child approaching Driver's Training age, I wanted to put down some of the advice about driving I have given to her older siblings. I plan on explanding outward and gathering up some other good driving tips to flesh out this niche blog.

Next up on the list are blogs about How to be A Secret Agent, New Product Ideas, and Serial Shorts, the latter being a presentation of some of the short stories I have written over the years. And the list goes on...and on.

The ability to get some quick views and feedback about new blogs is one of the valuable benefits I see to participating in the Entrecard community. I'm hoping that I will be able to get my structuring work finished up so I can spend more of my time creating content, increasing traffic, and forging new relationships with other bloggers.

What next?

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