My name is Kent Vorkink and online I use BizBeacon as a username for many of my profiles. The Entrecarder is one of several Entrecard accounts that I have and has turned into my main account for things Entrecard. Many of the entries here were previously posted on some of my other blogs.

I have profiles all over the internet in at least 50 different locations and I'm not hard to find as I'm listed in the phone book and there is no one else alive (to my knowledge) that has my exact name. I've been married for 27 years and have 6 children, ages 25, 21, 18, 15, 10, & 6. I live in Orem, Utah, but my heart belongs to West Los Angeles, where I was raised and have spent the majority of my life.

I'm trying my hand at internet marketing and blogging for money as a means to work from home while my wife attends BYU in pursuit of her PhD in Counseling Psychology. Most days are broken up with driving kids here and there, cleaning, fixing, cooking, and refereeing.

The Entrecarder blog evolved as I keep writing posts about this seemingly ever-changing community. I'm mostly here to make money and am willing to share my observations with others.


Edited 3-18-08

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