Making Money with Entrecard  

A new day is dawning in the Entrecard community, and with it comes the legitimization of earning money via one's Entrecard account. (I sniff an e-book in the works. See below.) No longer is one relegated to back alleys and paypal widgets when magically converting Entrecard Credits (ECs) into cash. The EntreAdmins have rolled out Phase 1 of the Credit Exchange and there are a lot of happy Entrecarders today, including this one.

Enterprising bloggers can now earn $100-$1000 a month (or more) from their Entrecard activity WHILE they build they traffic and publicize their blog. Want to know how? Check out the soon to be compiled and published Entrecard Ebook.

Note: I am not an Entrecard expert. Ok, well maybe I do know my way around Entrecard and have been involved longer than 75% of the other folks here, but that still doesn't make me an expert. Then again, I guess I have some expertise when it comes to card dropping strategies and how to make money on Entrecard. I'm just not an expert blogger. Now PhiRate, he's an expert on Entrecard, but he should be as the main programmer dude and one of the admins. (Why are you reading this? The whole "I am not an expert" is a reference to a prior post and is a running gag that isn't funny anymore.)

2nd Note: Blogging purists who deem themselves above the commercing of their sites can send their spare ECs to me. Thank you in advance.

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