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A bit of a coincidence, but the first two blog reviews that I've done both have interesting avatars/logos where the character is wearing dark glasses. (In the case of The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain Blog I think the glasses help out his X-ray vision.) A visit to this site, which is authored by Mark Dykeman, with the occasional guest author chipping in, isn't complete without going to his About page and getting a richer glimpse into why he is writing. Mark mentions that he is an ISTJ and I'm an INTJ and so we share some similar personality traits, at least according to the MBTI. And while you are tooling around the Broadcasting Brain's site, take the time to visit the "old site", The Mark Dykeman Web Niche, for some additional posts and entertainment.

You have to like a guy that uses Superheroes in his posts! Green Lantern aside, Mark compiles some very good information about Social Media and how best to utilize StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and other popular sites. And if you're in the mood for Beef Stroganoff, Mark's your guy. Mark is establishing a niche lens on Squidoo with more info on the tasty dish than I have ever seen in one place.

So, extend your antennae and pick up some of the brainwaves that are being sent your way by Mark Dykeman at The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain!

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