I Wanna Be A Shoeperstar!  

I'm venturing outside the Entrecard community to enter a contest that is being put on by some internet marketing rockstars, Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney and Ted Murphy of Izea. What's the grand prize? A chance to join Jeremy and Ted in an episode of Rockstartup, Web 2.0 Reality TV. Oh, and as the filming (yes, as in by a HD camera and possibly headed for national network distribution) takes place in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Interactive mega-event in March, you'll fly for free and be put up in a hotel (chosen by the staff, whom I hope isn't too warped with their humor) and given 1000 bucks to tip with, or whatever else you choose to spend it on while you are in town attending the conference via your free pass. All you have to do is convince the voting public that you deserve to be one of the 3 Finalists and then it's up to Jeremy and Ted to do the eenie-meenie-miney-mojo.

Why me?

Reason 1 - I am a committed Rock and Roll father. My two oldest sons have played in a local band called Side Dish for the past 6 years and when they were first starting out I functioned as their manager. (Nowadays I have been relegated to loading and unloading the band van.) They practice at our house and I really like their music! Even if Side Dish didn't make it to SXSW this year, I should be there to scout it out for them for next year!

Reason 2 - I'm a new and impressionable blogger and internet marketer. I have several blogs going at the moment and could really benefit from the collective wisdom of these two gurus!

Reason 3 - I'm a former AM Radio Talk Show host and can manage to speak without slobbering, and I'm actually a pretty good interviewer. I'd love to get these two guys under the hot lights and grill them about what they really think about Google AdSense!

Reason 4 - I have an interest in multiple intelligence theory and am well versed in temperament analysis, and I think that the world would benefit from as insights as to how Jeremy and Ted are similar, what makes them tick, and whether or not they'd pass a lie detector!

There you have it...4 reasons to pick me instead of one of a thousand hot blogger girls who would be more interesting to see on the show. I'll start packing...

What next?

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