The Entrecard Forum is "For Us", Not Just "For Them"  

I don't usually participate in forums too often, well, at least I haven't over the past several years, after having unpleasant encounters with the "Anonymous Lack Of Civility Syndrome" that can permeate some boards. The term "forem" can describe a variety of sites and not all are friendly in nature. Fortunately, the Entrecard Forums are very pleasant and full of interesting topics that are germane to the Entrecard community.

While I don't tend to hang out in the forums, I do make a couple of forays there during the day to see what's happening in this quickly evolving Entrecard world. The forums represent an opportunity to loosen the tie and chat outside of the constraints of writing a professional looking or sounding post, and I have gotten a better understanding of some of my fellow Entrecarders as a result of reading their forum comments. And while there are many blogs--like this one--that contain good info about how to leverage the Entrecard opportunity, the forums allow for a quick answer to some of the basic questions, albeit at times with a bit of ribbing from some of the more experienced members of the group.

If you are an Entrecarder and you haven't perused the forums, then you likely don't know that there is a Promotions and Events section where contests and deals are announced and discussed. I cover some of the details on my Contests blog, but I'm usually only catching a small percentage of what's going on. Many of the top ranking Entrecarders have used Promotions to build their readership and one can learn how to do the same via the forum posts.

Perhaps what I enjoy most about the forum is that the Entrecard brass make regular appearances to answer questions and concerns. You get it straight from the horse's mouth. Hopefully that personal touch will continue to be felt as this community continues to grow and evolve.

What next?

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