Joe Tech: What's Good and Bad About Blogging  

JoeTech's blog is handsome. He's got style and he's savvy. He's been blogging for a couple of years and he gets lots of page views. That's the Good part. The Bad part is that he's not raking in the cash. And that's somewhat discouraging to a new blogger like myself.

I'm new at this and so I don't feel qualified to review JoeTech.com on its blogging merits. What I can say is that he has made himself a player in the Entrecard community in which I have incubated my blogging activities. The vibe is that he is a good guy and I read at least one forum post mentioning that an ad on his page yielded great results.

So, my bottom line on JoeTech is that he is a fellow traveler on the road and I wish him all the success he can garner as he continues to inform and entertain. I'm now a subscriber!

Comment posted by JoeTech.com
at 2/9/2008 9:58:00 PM
Thanks for the kind words. I'm hoping to have more success with monetizing my blog after the Affiliate Summit in 2 weeks.

What next?

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