How Did The Entrecarder Make it onto the Popular Page?  

I suppose my title is a bit misleading in that there isn't an Entrecard Popular page anymore. (Nothing like putting 6 hours into an extensive post last Friday, only to have the powers that be turn the system upside down 4 days later!) Nevertheless, should someone go to the Browser page of the Campaign section at this very moment, this is what they'd see:

Patting myself on the back, am I? Well...maybe a little bit, but for the most part I am presenting this information to illustrate how I made it to the Popular page. It took time and effort, but if I could do it, so can you...regardless of how many ECs you have.

In last week's Popular page Analysis, I suggested that the formula to "success" was card dropping and advertising. I still believe that's the case, but I wanted to see if I could make it onto the Popular page WITHOUT buying any ads. So, other than a few ads that I purchased for a couple of Entrecredits each 3 weeks ago, I haven't been buying ads at all. As a result, I haven't been too bothered by this week's Ad Pricing system change.

The point? You can make it to the top 3 of your category, build traffic, and popularize your blog within the Entrecard community without buying ads.

So, what's stopping YOU?

What next?

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