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Today's highlighted Entrecarder is FeeFiFoto, one of those folks who has a blog that supports their main website. In this case, FeeFiFoto's blog is a great example of how to draw attention to one's main business without distracting from the main purpose of the blog and also not feeling constrained to keep all of the blog posts focused on the business.

FeeFiFoto's blog includes blog reviews, memes, contests, Wordless Wednesdays, and is rich in photos and graphics, which one would expect from a Foto-driven author. In fact, if there is a downside to the blog, it's that it stands on its own two feet so well that one might forget that there is an associated business that merits a visit.

Also easy to miss is the About button on the left hand side of the page. It leads to one of the most informative (considering that the author chooses to remain anonymous) and interesting About pages that includes this short bio:

FeeFiFoto is a recovering attorney with two kids, one dog, a gift site called FeeFiFoto, and very little free time on her hands.

I'm glad that FeeFiFoto chose to advertise on my widget today, else I might not have slowed down enough to give her blog a good read. Now that I've spent so time there I'll definitely be back!

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