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Mapiles.com, Your Partner Online, is written by Joliber Mapiles, a 23 year-old blogger from Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines. Joliber is a Software Engineer by profession and also a licensed Electronics and Communication Engineer, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, too. He loves basketball and chess, but loves internet marketing more. He also loves to problem solve, something I can easily relate to.

Reading through some of Mapiles' recent posts, I noticed that he's running a contest that easy to enter. Register in his new Forum and write something about YOUR blog. Now that's a nice twist for a contest entry! I found his content to be so interesting that I signed up for his feed by email so I wouldn't miss anything whilst card dropping.

Other than his obvious expertise with IT and the Internet, what strikes me most about Joliber is he seems to be a nice guy. He does a great job of replying to comments on his posts and appears to be doing a good job of building a loyal readership without excessive self-promotion or chest thumping. So, as long as you slowed down your card dropping long enough to read this post, take my advice and head over to Mapiles.com and say hello to Joliber, enter his contest, and subscribe to his feed. Go ahead and tell him that Kent sent you! (And that I finally got around to correcting my multiple misspellings of his first name. My bad!)

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