The Entrecarder? Poll Results  

This poll was a bit tongue in cheek and I suspect that a few folks might not have responded for fear of offending me or somehow my being able to track their vote. My purpose was to get a feel for whether or not I was being perceived as a "spammer" for my 20+ Entrecard accounts. I didn't feel that I deserved that pejorative, yet I wasn't going to fool myself any longer if that's how others perceived me. The choices were a tad disingenuous in that one had few choices that might have accurately reflected their feelings. Nonetheless, my intent was to get a read on the spammer question and as only 1 out of 32 respondents chose that option, I can view the rest of the answers as "non-spammer" votes. It was funny the number of people who chose "who?".

54% chose Creative Guy

34% chose Who?

9% chose Misguided Soul

3% chose Damn Spammer!

*Total number of respondents was 32.

What next?

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