They Want Me....Which Means They Don't Know Me  

It's a good thing I make money sellings ECs and don't have to rely on my Affiliate program income to justify the time I spend blogging. It's hard to pick one word to describe my success with these various programs, so let me try a couple: pathetic, miserable, non-existent, anemic, disappointing, or maybe just worthless.

I'm not too surprised, considering that no one outside of the Entrecard community visits my blogs and only a small percentage of visitors actually read anything I've written. I don't expect many sales to Entrecarders, seeing as how they have access to the same Affiliate programs that I do. Maybe one day I'll get real and have the kind of blog that draws traffic via search engines or some other methodology and someone will get all excited about an ad on one of my sites. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the process of selecting the ads for my various sites, much like choosing my numbers for EntreBall.

Which makes it all the more amusing that I'm getting emails from Affiliate programs that I didn't apply to, and reminders from those that I did sign up for but have yet to earn a dime through. For example, I just checked my email and there is an offer from Pepperjam to run ads for the Playboy Store. Hmmmm...now which site would be the most appropriate one for Shop The Bunny? TravelRes.com, Hotels.com, and SpaLook.com have all sent me offers this week to sign up and I'm wondering if I should bother to spend the time to do so when I know that I don't have the traffic to support it.

I'll continue to muse over this problem as I peruse the links for Shop The Bunny, you know, 'cuz it's...research.

What next?

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