EntreBall...Try Your Luck!  

EntreBall is published by Linkfog.com and is loads of fun for just 30 ECs. The premise is simple: 42 squares matching up to the possible numbers red numbers in the semi-weekly Powerball drawing are available to purchase at a cost of 10 ECs apiece, a maximum of 3 numbers to a person. The pot has been sweetened beyond the 420 ECs from entry fees by the sponsorship of that particular drawing by one or more Entrecarders. For example, the current drawing has been sponsored to the tune of 1000ECs by Josh's Unconventional Marketing Blog, who also happens to be the previous drawing's winner of 1000ECs via his other blog, That Mutt.

30 ECs isn't much to spend for a little fun and a possible 1000EC payback. More than that, a little clique of regular participants is developing and one gets the sense that these people are fun-loving entrepreneurial types. Choosing one's numbers early in the current drawing period means that your entrecard will be displayed for the other players to see, a well-thought out bonus.

I hope the EntreBall continues to grow in popularity and the rules change so that each person only gets to purchase a single square per drawing. That way there'd be 42 different players for each drawing and Linkfog just might consider opening up a second section.

What next?

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