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There is a fundamental acceptance of the entrepreneurial wiki here at Entrecard and for those of us who can't afford to toss $1000 a pop for the MillionDollarWiki, the guys from Zedomax (SiteHoppin, etc.) are serving up OneBuckWiki. Are you branding a certain term in relation to your blog? Are you willing to invest some cash ($20 at the moment) to tie up keywords at OneBuckWiki for the next 15+ years? Put your SEO hat on and cruise on over and snap up keywords that in 6 months you'll regret that you passed on today. OneBuckWiki is Entrecard user #10, if that tells you anything about how long they have been part of the Entrecard community.

Seriously, other than signing up for traffic and affiliate programs, participating in the Entrecard community, and the occasional stumble, what are you really doing to extend your site's reach? I'm not talking about BlogCatalog or Scratchback. What have you done to get traffic to your blog that comes directly from the search engine motherlode? I'll freely admit that I don't have any expertise in SEO and so when I got my keywords from OneBuckWiki I just looked at what others had purchased at MillionDollarWiki and chose some of those. Why not take some of those Entrecredits you have been storing up and sell them to get the cash to buy some OneBuckWiki keywords? In the cash goes to PayPal and back out again. It's like you never really had it. Or, use your Project Wonderful funds or other money earned from online activities to fund your keyword purchase. Regardless of how you do it, I don't believe you will find a better investment for purchasing keywords for the long haul than OneBuckWiki.

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