If I Were Joining Entrecard Today...  

I signed up for my first Entrecard account in December, and have signed up for a few more since then. Yet, if I were starting over again, I would definitely take a different approach. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not having or doing a Cow. I have really enjoyed the Entrecard "experience" and have benefited from the time and energy I have spent as an Entrecarder. Having said that, here's what I (and heavy on the "I") would do if I were starting fresh today:

1) Drop a card on the new blogs that grabbed my attention each day. New Entrecarders have made the decision to join and are likely hoping to meet other people and generate traffic to their site. Reviewing the newer blogs would allow me find sites that I want to return to later (or subscribe to), based on their content alone, and not in the hopes of winning a prize or even getting a return drop.

2) Drop a card on the blogs that I visit primarily to read their posts and comment when appropriate. In a community of 6000+ blogs it is unlikely that one will get to know more than a few dozen (or perhaps a few hundred) fellow Entrecarders on a first name basis. Next time around I would choose Quality over Quantity.

3) Visit the sites of Entrecarders who show up in my Drops Inbox at least once to see what their blog is all about. Bookmark, Favorite, or Subscribe to those that I find interesting. Oh yeah, drop cards on them, too.

4) Blog regularly. (Duh?) Believe it or not, many Entrecarders have commented about getting caught up with, addicted to, or distracted by participating in card dropping, entering contests, and climbing the category or traffic rankings, to a point where they don't get around to blogging. At the end of the day, great content will win out over great card dropping.

5) Use my Entrecard Credits (ECs) to advertise on sites that I like or have similar content to mine. Entrecard traffic is directed and active and there is nothing quite like it out there. You can choose where you want your ad to display and you can increase visits to your site by visiting other sites and dropping cards on them, whether you are seeking 5 visitors a day or 500.

Your Entrecard is a tool and you can choose how much or how little involvement you want in the Entrecard community. Set limits and goals for your time and activities and enjoy!

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