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John Holland used a party analogy to help folks decide which type of people with which they would be most comfortable socializing. Most groups or communities can similarly be divided into categories based on common interest, traits, or purpose. The Entrecard community, by its very nature as a group of bloggers, already represents a specific slice of humanity, and it could also be posited that Entrecarders are primarily made up of bloggers who are actively seeking to promote their blogs, not just write them.

Furthermore, there is a large contingency of Entrecarders who are promoting their blogs in an attempt to monetize them, and many of these are blogging about making money with their blogs. Finally, there is a small group of Entrecarders who are attempting to make money from their Entrecard activities, of which I am one.

I make money harvesting and selling Entrecard credits (ECs.) I'll venture to say that I've made more money in 2008 with my blogs than many of the Entrecarders who are blogging about making money blogging. That's because our goals are different. They're blogging about making money with their blogs and I'm making money with my blogs. They are getting small checks from Google Adsense and other affiliate programs and I am getting paypal transfers from Entrecarders who are buying my ECs. Entrecarders want ECs and I sell ECs, usually in groups of 5000 & 10000.

It doesn't really matter what I write about or how often I post. My goal is to post a couple of times a week per blog and I'm falling behind on that. Does anyone really care? No, not really. Not as long as my sites load quickly and I drop on their sites, too. Now that doesn't mean that I can churn out nonsensical garbage....that wouldn't work and Entrecard would shut down my accounts. So what do I write about more than anything else? Entrecard.

I have blogs about Entrecard contests, Entrecard related polls, Entrecard FAQs, Entrecard advertising strategies, Entrecard credit sales, my experiences with Entrecard, Entrecard noobies, my favourite Entrecard sites, reviews of other Entrecard blogs, and now this one about making money with Entrecard. Yes, I could have combined them into one mother of a blog, but once I started creating blogs for Entrecard niches it just made sense to keep going that direction. And I'm sure I will start more Entrecard related blogs in the future.

Why? Because the Entrecard community will continue to grow and grow and grow, especially when folks figure out they can make money every day just by dropping some cards. New Entrecarders have lots to learn and that means there is a steady stream of people who are interested in the information contained in my blogs. Some of those new Entrecarders will decide to drop cards on my sites, my ad prices will go up and I'll have even more ECs to sell via the new Credit Exchange or directly to the customer.

And that means that I'll be making more and more money from Entrecard...and I just might blog about that every once in a while, too.

What next?

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