Entrecard Drop Rank: Kiss of Death?  

In an Entrecard forum post I suggested that creating an Inactive status would help identify those accounts which weren't fully participating in Entrecard. Hardly anyone commented and one person that did said basically "who needs it?" Well, I did. Fortunately, the new Entrecard Drop Rank system works as an indicator of who is dropping cards and who isn't.

"Just here for the view" - Translates into "I won't drop a card on you for love nor money." Note to self: Don't waste time dropping on this site!

"Casual and relaxed" - That means "I'll drop cards now and then on my friends and favorites." Note: Only drop if I KNOW they will drop back

"Consistent, regular dropper" - They are playing, just not trying to win. Note: Drop on these sites until have enough higher ranked sites to get to 300.

"A dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction" - I see these as the large percentage active Entrecarders...they're working it! Note: Daily drops and pay attention to who is dropping back.

"Takes dropping Very Very Seriously" - Climbing the ranks and distinguishing themselves as Power Droppers. Note: I want to be on every one of their lists!

"Deeply committed - Deadly serious. A drop master" - [Bowing deeply] Please drop on me! Note: Figure out what it takes to become a drop master.

I've got a folder for each of the new Drop Rank categories and have put a couple of hundred bookmarks into their corresponding spots. There is no guarantee that Graham will keep this ranking system, and it's likely that one can move up the rank categories quickly after a week of solid card dropping. Somehow it has become less important whether the Entrecard is above the fold or not. I can spare the extra two seconds if it means I'll double my efforts as a result of a return drop.

What next?

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